About Naprapath Paulen

Naprapath Ole Petter Paulen 

D.N. M.C. P.S. C

Ole Petter Paulen started Førde Muscle and Joint Clinic on 15 January 1999 and was the first naprapath from Sogn and Fjordane.

In 2005 he changed the company name to Førde Naprapatklinikk.

From the start, the interest in the subject has resulted in several educations and courses with a wide network of Naprapaths, Chiropraactors, Ostiopaths, Acupunctures etc. This has a resulted in a robust experience and high competence on specific neck treatment.

Paulen has his specialty in the HIO and Atlas technique. See additional information at Behandlingsmetodar.

Before the Paul took to the education of Naprapath, he was although active throughout a wide are of sports. He has Idrettsfaglig Bakrunn and has had several different trenarverv.