• Førde Naprapatklinikk

    Upper Cervical Specific Adjustment Clinic

Welcome to Førde Naprapatklinikk –
Ole Petter Paulen
D.N. M.C. P.S.C

Førde Naprapatklinikk 

Large Garden 9, 6800 Førde
3. Floor of the amphitheatre, the Førde, the Merchant house

Phone: 57 82 18 00
Mobile Phone: 915 83 877

is muscle and joints bothering a problem? 

I work for you to get a supple body with good motion that without pain.
-Naprapath Ole Petter Paulen

About Naprapath Paulen

Before Naprapath Paulen was educated to naprapath, he was very active in various sports branches and has sportsethic background as the basis for the Naprapath Education.

What can be treated?

To find the cause of the patient’s problem, it is important to go through the problem, the sickness and the life situation. The Naprapath considers profession, exercises, work situation etc.

Naprapatklinikk - Naprapat Ole Petter Paulen, Førde

Treatment Methods

Here you will find a list of treatment methods. The treatment is a part of the nature of the character, cause and location.